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According to the authorities, registering online businesses with the DTI legitimizes businesses and gives owners access to government programs and incentives such as loans, grants, and tax breaks. In addition to giving business owners access to government incentives, the following benefits associated with online business registration include: When it comes to company name registration fees, they vary depending on your territorial scope. Foreigners, refugees and stateless applicants who wish to apply via the online registration of DTI companies must always submit the above additional documents in person. Quarantine nationwide has impacted many lives in terms of career, education and lifestyle in general. With the health and economic crisis we are facing, others have taken the plunge to start an online business. These include freelancers, blogging, and the popular option of having an online sales business. After all, why not? It does not require much capital and is quick to set up. The DTI online registration platform offers the following online services to get a business permit: After reviewing all the documents to make your online business legal and registered, you can now breathe a sigh of relief because you are already sure that you fully own your business online and no one else can use your business name. If you need a BIR record for you, it also means that you are responsible enough to pay your taxes. Now, all you have to do is become your own boss and focus on growing your first online business.

The added benefit of registering with the DTI is that no other company can use your company name. Again, this protection does not apply to your trademarks, which you must register with the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines. To register your business name4 online with DTI, you need to follow the steps below: 6. Buy and register your account books. In an account book, you keep the original record of all your business transactions. There are 3 types of accounting books: hello, how can I apply for a new dti online, what form should I fill out Thank you Are you an entrepreneur and want to start your own business in the Philippines? You must first register the name of your company with the DTI (Ministry of Trade and Industry). 2. Confirm the availability of your company name. Once you`ve prepared your business name ideas, find them on DTI`s website and see if they can be used. No.

Upon receipt of certificates and approvals, you can immediately use them for other business transactions, e.B. BIR registration and branch registration. The scope of activity determines where your company can operate. For this reason, it is important to remember that the registration of the DTI company name must be completed before the trademark registration. In this way, the trademark of your trade name or a product name, logo or trademark will be registered under the legal name of your company. IPOPHIL also needs all the details of registering your business name with DTI before it can qualify you for trademark registration. According to the DTI, your territorial scope of activity refers to the extent of the geographical area in which your company can establish itself in its offices, stores, stores, branches, production or processing plants or other commercial structures, or in which the corresponding trade name can be used without prejudice to the conduct of business elsewhere. It should not be considered as the geographical boundary within which a transaction can be carried out. For applicants, you need to download the DTI company registration form, print two copies and fill them out. Submit them with one of these valid IDs: Under Philippine laws, Filipino citizens – provided they are of legal age – can apply for registration of DTI company names. Non-Filipino nationals and recognized refugees or stateless persons may do the same, provided they hold a certificate of sole proprietorship registration/certificate of authority to do business in the Philippines or a certificate of recognition from the Department of Justice – Refugee and Stateless Persons Protection Unit (DOJ-RSPPU). You will also receive an email from the DTI confirming your company`s registration.

To your health! Please note that this only applies to sole proprietors. If you need a license to run your business, you will need a business permit and other important documents. Foreign nationals who wish to do business here in the Philippines must present/download a certificate of authority when applying to do business in the Philippines. Assets are all real estate owned by the company, while capitalization refers to the amount of money you invest in the business. .